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Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of a yogic lifestyle through one of our standard retreats or opt for a fully personalized stay.

During your visit you will learn traditional Hatha yoga practices, explore yogic cuisine prepared with local organic produce, and revitalize with therapeutic spa treatments.

Introduction to the yogic lifestyle.
  • Private Accommodation
  • Plant-based Meals
  • Three Hatha Yoga Sessions
  • Plant-based Cooking:
    Learn the Essentials
  • Therapeutic Massage:
    Relax the Body
  • Private Nature Trails & Optional Hikes
Five Days
Immersion into tools for wellbeing.
  • Private Accommodation
  • Plant-based Meals
  • Nine Hatha Yoga Sessions
  • Plant-based Cooking:
    Learn the Essentials Food for Thought
  • Two Therapeutic Massages:
    Relax the Body Aromatherapy
  • Private Nature Trails & Optional Hikes
One week
Balance body, mind & energy.
  • Private Accommodation
  • Plant-based Meals
  • Thirteen Hatha Yoga Sessions
  • Plant-based Cooking:
    Learn the Essentials Food for Thought Energetic Aspects of Food
  • Three Therapeutic Massages:
    Relax the Body Aromatherapy Energy Reset
  • Private Nature Trails & Optional Hikes
Begin a profound journey

Retreat. Relax. Revitalize.

Our retreats are based on an ancient wholistic approach to wellbeing which emphasizes bringing the Body, Mind and Energy into balance through breath and yoga.

Traditional Hatha Yoga is a sacred science of the human energy system comprised of postures and breathing techniques that have been passed down in their unaltered purity for over 10,000 years.

Open House

Introduction to yoga
& Plant-based Tasting

Saturdays & Sundays, 2:30pm – 5pm


From personal chef services to breathtaking hikes, we offer a unique blend of quietude and discovery.

We are located in the beautiful mountains of North San Diego County, less than an hour's drive from the San Diego airport and the Pacific Ocean.

Our private 46 acre property offers miles of scenic trails and a variety of organic fruit orchards and vegetable gardens.

We offer both the solitude of the mountains and the excitement of the surf. Inquire about our destination retreats, choose from of our standard packages, or let us personalize your stay.


The concept behind yogic cuisine is simple. Food is the major factor in determining your overall health, energy and even your mental state. That’s right, we said it, your mind, moods and even your emotions are very much connected with what you choose to eat!

With regular yogic practice you will generate steadily greater awareness of both body and mind, thus enabling you to experience how processed and animal-based foods create lethargy and dullness in your system.


Our Prison Outreach program is just one way we bring yoga to those seeking tools for self-transformation, but whom may not have the means or ability to access them. Since we began our Prison Outreach program in 2018, we have conducted 11 free workshops in the Oregon State prison system and we are actively seeking out additional opportunites to engage with prison facilities in California, as well as other states.

As part of our Community Outreach efforts we conduct free introductory yoga classes. If you would like more information about our Community Outreach schedule or if you have a specific outreach request, please do contact us.

About Us

We have assembled a team of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a significant common goal. Having each found yoga in our own way, we now seek to share our profound discovery with the world.





If you would like to know about any of our workshops or are interested in planning your next retreat we are just a call or a click away.